by Nuno Faria

1. the formation of the image inside the eye

Click. Cancel. The moment when a photographic image is captured, the moment that defines the temporality of each image, is like a shutting of the eyes. Photography, in this sense, is akin to blindness and to death: two different ways of shutting the eyes.

The notion of cutting - used to designate the moment that forever captures reality's appearance in an image, as if it were inside the eye - highlights the idea of simulacrum, so central to photography. Conclusion: photography, rather than adding images to the world, takes them out of it.continue


by Christin Niehoff

Mariana Viegas is an artist from Lisbon, Portugal, who works mainly with photography. Her work explores links between landscape, images, language, cultural and individual monuments. It questions how we understand these concepts, and what part photography and documentation have to play in their construction.continue

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